More Than A Material

Imperfection is at the heart of RO; each tile tells an individual story through the lumps, bumps and scars that run through the structure. RO has been experimenting with surface texture for many years, exploring shapes, direction, texture, layering, and pattern to challenge concrete’s abilities.

RO gives concrete a fresh reputation full of energy, warmth and beauty. By working alongside the unpredictability of concrete rather than against it, they create timeless yet unique tiles that blanket walls and floors worldwide.

The Founder’s Philosophy

RO takes inspiration from the traditional Japanese aesthetic, Wabi-sabi.
Wabi-sabi is the acceptance of imperfection within nature which is integrated into the interior design scene. ‘RO’ translates to morning ‘dew’ in English, one of natures imperfections that, from the proper perspective, is beautiful in its simplest form.

Tali worked within the international design scene for over 20 years, learning the ins and outs of interior design. Tali and the team at RO recognised that the unpredictability of concrete enabled unique patterns and textures throughout their work. After adding some of Tali’s feminine touch, they were able to form unique creations that would soon build up to become the RO they are today.

Tali and her close-knit team still stick by the original philosophy of RO: to embrace imperfection through modern concrete tiling.

Conceptual material design development team: Tali Edri, Yoav Anderman,
Meytal Levi, Lilach Lev, Maor Aharon, Betonada.